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    Wuhan point cloud technology co., LTD is a professional engaged in product research and development space geographic information field、Product sales、Data processing of high-tech enterprises。After many years of technology accumulation,Company independent research and developmentSkyPhotoThree aerial mapping integration system is the highest level of integration at home and abroad of uav aerial processing software system。In the real 3 d applications,Company has the independent research and development from hardware to software platform for the whole process of products,Including rotor unmanned aerial vehicle (uav)、Tilt the camera、Three-dimensional modeling software、3 d vector collection software、City level 3 d data management...




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Share series of actual combat experience:To knowDOM
Small make up todayDJIA small unmanned aerial vehicle (uav) to collect data to give you a commonly used foreign aerial software on the market(Hereinafter referred to asP)WithSkyPhoto-Professional V4.0The orthogonal projection of like production effect。
The point cloud technology training center——Five years of wind and rain
Over the past five years,We have been trying to explore innovative and practical technology,Constantly improve the practicability of the products,To provide customers with better update the aerial mode of production and solution,At the same time to create the industry's most comprehensive aerial training system in the industry。
Real 3 d platform application in land and real property registration
Along with the《The interim regulations on real estate registration》And《The interim regulations on real estate registration rules》Have issued and implemented,The mainstream of two-dimensionalGISCombined with the electronic form,In urban development is not very good support real estate information management。With the popularity of unmanned aerial vehicle (uav) and 3 d technology is mature and perfect,For the future real estate diversity management provides a new way of thinking。
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Yunnan honghe oblique photography1:500The project
Our company take on village and township funchilin pass1Square kilometres1:500Digital topographic map measurement
Guizhou61A village project
We at the request of surveying and mapping unit in guizhou,To undertake the project area in guizhou province village land use investigation。
New yangluo wuhan project
New yangluo project is located in the han shi highway and silver high-speed interchange,Is the wuhan new city construction demonstration area,Bearing the future construction of wuhan new city
Jincheng in shanxi scenic mountain highway project
We should be a road design unit in Shanxi Province,Taking jincheng scenic mountain roads field and Gao Qingzheng projective like figure in the industry(DOM)、1:1000Scale digital line graph(DLG)Make it。

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